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Goerz Box Tengor

Box Tengor is a medium format film box camera made by Goerz and produced between 1924-26.

This model was continued as Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor after 1926. In 1926 the German branch of Goerz was saved from bankruptcy by being merged with ICA, Contessa-Nettel and Ernemann to form Zeiss Ikon.

Some featuresEdit

  • Film: roll 120
  • Frame size: There are two versions for 6x9cm and 6.5x11cm
  • Lens: Hahn-Goerz Frontar f/9 in one speed with T and B shutter
  • Optional lens/shutter combinations are Tenaxiar f/6.8 or a Kalositgmatic in a compur shutter
  • Fixed focus

Links Edit

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