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Go Photo, Inc. is a privately owned company focused on low-cost digital and photographic equipment. The company utilizes manufacturing facilities in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

GoPhoto distributes their products through a number of major U.S. retailers, including Toys R Us, Walmart,, Rexall, and Longs Drugs. They also sell their products directly through their corporate web site.

One of GoPhoto's most notable products is the X-Treme Pix. This two-leng camera has the same specifications as the Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster manufactured by Long Hall Technologies, and is made in China from the same tooling.

Products Edit

35MM Cameras Edit

  • 35MM Squeezy Camera
  • Kids 35mm Pic A Scene Fun Camera
  • Neon - City Lites
  • Neon - Designer
  • Neon - Love

Waterproof Cameras Edit

  • All Weather Sport 35MM Camera
  • AQUA PIX 35MM Underwater Camera and Housing

Specialty Cameras Edit

  • Fun Pix 4N1 Multicam 35MM
  • X-Treme Pix Quad Shot Camera

Digital Cameras Edit

  • Aqua Pix Jr. VGA Digital Waterproof Camera and Housing
  • Easy Pix VGA
  • Easy Pix 30 VGA
  • Hot Pix VGA
  • Aqua Pix Underwater 1.3MP
  • Easy Pix 100 1.3MP
  • Easy Pix 3.2 MP Camera w/ Flash & 1.5" TFT

Contact Information Edit

Mailing Address:

Go Photo Inc.

P. O. Box 55

Congers, NY 10920-0055

Telephone (845) 267-3325, (800) 292-0558

Fax (845) 268-0261

External Links Edit

GoPhoto corporate web site

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