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Genkōsha (玄光社) was a Japanese publisher, founded in 1933 by Kitahara Masao (北原正雄), who had previously worked at Ars for Ars Camera. It published the photographic magazine Shashin Salon. In the 1940s, it was also distributing the Salon exposure calculator, priced at ¥2.20 in 1940 and at ¥290 to ¥315 (shipping included) in 1949–50.[1]

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  1. Advertisement for the Salon exposure calculator dated May 1940 reproduced at Gochamaze (¥2.20); advertisement in Ars Camera February 1949 (p.30, ¥250 and ¥40 shipping); advertisements in Photo Art December 1949 (p.67, ¥315) and May 1950 (p.50, ¥315).

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