General Imaging launched its business in 2007 by acquiring the right to distribute its digital cameras under the brand name GE of General Electric. In spring 2007 it already presented a product line at the PMA. Founders were Hiroshi “Hugh” Komiya, a former sales and marketing manager of Olympus, Takeyoshi Kawano, product design expert who had worked for Olympus, Sony and Panasonic (Walkman, Betamax VCR, VAIO PC, Olympus µ), and Rene Buhay, former sales and marketing manager of Samsung and Ricoh. Some early products of the company were performing so awfully that the company tried a new strategy, trying to get a foot on the market with lowest-price bridge cameras like the GE X5 on the one hand and fully automatic designer cameras on the other. The design revolution backwards are fully automatic CREATE cameras with just internal memory and a "Create by Jason Wu" design (Jason Wu didn't design but participated in planning the design).


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