Futami Kōki (perhaps 双美光機 or 二見光機) was perhaps a Japanese camera maker in the early 1950s. This company is only known through the markings FUTAMI KOKI found on the back of the Futami Six 6×6cm folder, about which very little is known.

Bibliography Edit

  • Furukawa Haruo (古川保男). "Futami (shikkusu, semi ken'yōki): 'Futamigaura no hatsuhinode'" (Futami[シックス・セミ兼用機]・'二見ヶ浦の初日の出', Futami [Six and Semi formats]: 'First rising sun at Futamigaura'). In Camera Collectors' News no.266 (August 1999). Nishinomiya: Camera Collectors News-sha. Pp.23–5.

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