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The Fujifilm Fotonex 4000ix SL or Fujifilm Endeavor 4000SL was Fujifilm's contribution to the advanced cameras for the Advanced Photo System. It was a real automatic SLR, but with built-in lens. Its outer design looks like that of digital zoom cameras. It was made by Olympus, and is similar to the Olympus Centurion.

  • Camera Type: SLR
  • Manufacturer: Fujifilm
  • Films: IX240 (APS film cartridges), speeds 25 - 3200 ASA
  • Film handling: drop-in load, motorized film advance.
  • Lens: Fujinon 1:4.5-1:5.6 / 25-100 mm zoom lens (11 glass elements in 4 groups, including multi-coated lenses with EBC (electron beam coating)).
  • Focusing: TTL phase detection-type autofocus
  • Exposure: automatic
  • Metering: TTL
  • Shutter: focal plane, speeds 2 - 1/2000 sec.
  • Viewfinder: Single lens reflex type real image zoom finder, 92%, diopter adjusting dial
  • Flash: built-in, auto-flash, reaching as far as 4.5 meters with wide angle lens position
  • Weight: 484g without CR123A batteries
  • Dimensions: 119×81×109 mm


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