The Fujifilm FinePix F70EXR was one of the early digital compact cameras with improved technology for achieving a higher dynamic range. Therefore Fujifilm supplied its EXR cameras with its EXR-sensors with interlaced octogonal pixels, combined with a special set of EXR modes added to normal manual and automatic camera usage modes and programs:

  • "High Resolution": fine details reproduced from all pixels
  • "Low Noise": image reproduced from pixel pairs instead from pixels
  • "Dynamic Range": Two images in one shot - every second pixel belongs to one of the images which are calculated into one high dynamic range photo

In the same year (2009) Sony introduced a compact camera with back-enlighted sensor for the same goal: Achieving higher dynamic range.

Nevertheless attempts like this showed that digital technology still is on the way to reach complete capability to catch highly dynamic image subjects like especially sunsets as we see them with our eyes.

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