The Fujifilm FinePix F300EXR is representing the second generation of Fujifilm's EXR series of digital cameras with enhanced image dynamics. That means that it offers a finer scale of colors, especially more different light and dark tones, at least in its enhanced dynamics mode. It has a Fujinon f=4.4-66mm 1:3.5-1:5.3 zoom lens. Beside the slightly larger pixels given by Fujifilm's octogonal pixel geometry (see Fuji Super CCD) the highly light-sensitive 12 Megapixel image sensor offers a new feature: miniature extra pixels as phase detection autofocus sensor. Thus the camera is capable to use phase detection autofocus as well as contrast autofocus. This speeds up autofocus and makes it more exact. The camera's face detection feature can remember faces. The camera has a 460.000 Pixel color display. A further new feature is the panorama scan mode with automatic stop after turning the camera 120 degrees, 240 degrees or 360 degrees. Such images are also possible by turning the camera upwards ("vertical panorama"). An SLR portrait quality simulation mode is also aboard.

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