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The Fujica AX-5 is a 35mm SLR made by Fuji at the beginning of the 1980s. It has a silicium exposure meter, and the following exposure modes: programmed, shutter priority, aperture priority, manual. The focal plane shutter is electronic, the top speed being 1/1000 and the flash sync speed being 1/60. It has DOF preview control. All exposure information visible in viewfinder (vertical led battery). It is said to be the top of the X-series of Fuji 35mm SLR cameras. The AX-5 comes in black/chrome or completely black. The difference between the two versions is not only cosmetic, but there is also a mechanical difference. Apparently, all of the black versions have a lock, which prevents users from accidentally turning the shutter speed knob, while not all, maybe just a few of the black/chrome versions have this lock.

Compatible batteries: 6-volt silver oxide battery (4×SR44); 6-volt alkaline manganese battery (4×LR44); 6-volt lithium battery.

The Fujica AX-5 takes Fujica X lenses. Only the X-Fujinon DM range enables the program and shutter priority modes. The older X-Fujinon and X-Fujinar series only work with the aperture priority and manual modes. An adapter exists to mount 42mm screw lenses.

The AX-5 was also rebadged as the Porst CR-7.

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