Premier Image Technology Corp. was founded in 1983 as Premier Camera Taiwan Ltd.. It started its business with the development of a disc camera and the development and production of a pocket camera. Among its products was one of the few compact cameras for type No. 110 film cartridges with automatic motorized film advance.

1986 it began producing 35mm cameras. In 1996 it added APS cameras to its product portfolio. In 1999 it introduced its first digital still camera, and was listed at the Taiwan Stock Exchange Market. In the year 2000 it acquired Pretec, another maker of digital still cameras. It became the largest maker of digital cameras in Taiwan. It made some of the budget digicams of big brands like Rollei, Pentax and Ricoh as well as some of the cameras of the brand Traveler which is marketed by Germany's largest food retail chain Aldi.

In Dec. 2006 the company was taken over by the international Taiwanese group Foxconn which became that way "the world's largest DSC manufacturing services provider" [Foxconn] (DSC=digital still camera).


35mm filmEdit

  • Premier 625 DX
  • Premier PC-3200
  • Premier PC-854
  • Premier PC-845
  • Premier Pc-700
  • Premier PC600
  • Premier PC-500
  • Premier PC-485
  • Premier PC480
  • Premier PC-400
  • Premier PC-200
  • Premier BF 300
  • Premier BF 95
  • Premier M-7501
  • Premier M-5801
  • Premier M-5600
  • Premier M-1500 Zoom
  • Premier M-968
  • Premier PC-80
  • Premier PC-141

110 filmEdit

  • Premier PC-110T
  • Premier PC-110A

Disc filmEdit

  •  Premier PC-20
  •  Premier PC-30
  •  Premier PC-40

APS filmEdit

  • Premier AP-200

digital camerasEdit

  • Ricoh Caplio RR660 ( = Premier DC-6370 )
  • Pentax Optio E20 ( = Premier DC-6371 )
  • Traveler DC-8600 ( = Premier DS-8650 )
  • Revue DC 80 SZ ( = Premier DS-8650 )
  • Premier DS-8330 ( = Minox DC 8111 = Avant S8 = Acer CR-8530 = Rollei dp8300 = Voigtländer Virtus D8 = Mustek MDC 830Z = Traveler DC-8300 = Revue DC 8000 = Maginon 8300)
  • Premier DC-4331 ( = BenQ DC E43 = Minox DC 4211 = Minolta E40 = Rollei Prego dp4200 = Centon DC4s = Voigtländer Virtus D4 = Maginon Slimline X4)
  • Foxconn DS-A650 ( = Minox DC 1022 = Traveler DC-XZ6)


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