The Rollex 20 is a self-erecting folding camera for shooting 2¼" × 3¼" exposures on 120 film or 620 film. The camera was made for taking both rollfilm variants. It was sold or even made by the Chicagoan United States Camera Co. . It was a consumer camera, with fixed focusing and fixed aperture. The only choice that it offers is the one between time mode (B mode) and 1/50 sec. shutter speed. It has an optical viewfinder of reverse Galilean type, and a 86mm Octvar lens. Its specialities are that its closable red window is not red but green, and the everset shutter has to be released with a lever that is integrated in the upper edge of the front door.

The Foldex 20 of Pho-Tak was the same or an equal camera type, but with flash mount and flash synchronized shutter. The successor of the Rollex 20, the USC 20 folder, is also similar to the later Foldex 20 of Pho-Tak. Maybe Pho-Tak of Chicago made the cameras for Unites States Camera Co. . The cameras are marked "Made in U. S. A." .


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