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Introduced in 1953, the Finetta 88 was produced by Saraber/ Finetta Werke in Goslar (Germany) and also imported to Australia by Hanimex rebadged as 'Hanimar'. It has a lightweight aluminium body with a completely removable back. The camera is known with grey and black covering. The Finetta 88 has with exchangeable lenses via a simple bayonet. Three lenses were available: Finetar 4/43, Finetar 2.8/45, and Finetar 6.3/70. To ensure that the film plane remains flat, the camera has a flip-up pressure plate attached to the body, rather than the standard spring-loaded plate attached to the back. Film-advance is by spindle, which also tensions the shutter. Auto-stop on film-advance. To re-wind, the film-advance knob is lifted which disengages a ratchet and pawl mechanism.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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