Lince was a line of 35mm viewfinder cameras made in Germany by Dacora for Ferrania. Linces were all variations of Dacora cameras. The original Lince was introduced in 1960.

Lince ModelsEdit

with approximate dates[1]

Model Introduced Lens Shutter Based on
Lince 1960 Dignar 45mm f2.8 / Steinhell Cassar 45mm f 2,8 Vario Dignette
Lince 2 1961 Cassar 45mm f2.8 Vario
Lince 3 1962 Cassar 45mm f2.8 Vario or Prontor 250
Lince 3S 1962 Cassar 45mm f2.8 Prontor 250S
Lince Rapid 1965 Dignar anastigmat  ? Dacora D 202 rapid (rapid film)
Lince Super 1963 Cassar 45mm f2.8 Prontor 500 LK Super Dignette
Lince Super T 1963 -as Super, with meter- Super Dignette E-B
Lince Supermatic 1962 Rodenstock 45mm f2.8 Prontor-Matic with auto-exposure Dacora CC
  1. from McKeown


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