This camera resembling a Leica, with its three windows in frontage (including two for the rangefinder), was manufactured since 1947 in Florence, then in Milan. It was conceived by Officine Galileo, a manufacturer of optics since many years. Ferrania, hitherto a manufacturer of consumables and bottom-of-the-range cameras joined Galileo to subcontract the manufacture a top-of-the-range camera. Certain models can to be found without the Ferrania inscription.

In spite of certain resemblances to Leica, this Italian camera has a fixed collapsible lens. Its Iscus Rapid shutter is powerful, since it allows speeds to 1/500 second. The lens is Eliog 3,5/5 cm.

references: Ferrania Condor I at Sylvain Halgand's


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