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Esca Kōgaku K.K. (エスカ光学㈱) was a Japanese camera maker based, which made the Escaflex J in 1954–5. Its address in December 1954 was Toshima-ku Nagasaki (豊島区長崎) 1–26 in Tokyo.[1]

In 1955, the company became Rolly Kōgaku K.K. (ローリー光学㈱) and the camera was renamed accordingly as the Rolly Flex. In December 1955, the address of the headquarters was Arakawa-ku Ogu-machi (荒川区尾久町) 3–2101, again in Tokyo, whereas the sales department (営業部) and the main plant were still at the Nagasaki 1–26 address; a secondary plant was also mentioned at Nerima-ku Minami-machi (練馬区南町) 2–3825.[2] The company probably disappeared in 1956.

Notes Edit

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  2. Source: advertisement reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p. 213.

Bibliography Edit

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