The Ernemann Liliput Stereo cameras were produced for 45x107 mm plates only. Those ware one of the smallest, especially when fully collapsed, cameras at the time.

Sample picturesEdit


  • Type: Strut folding camera (manually positioned internal gate struts)
  • Format: 4.5x10.7 cm for plates
  • Manufacturer: Ernemann
  • Years of production: 1914-1926
  • Lens: Stereo Achromatic 1:12.5
  • Shutter: T&I
  • Viewfinder: Folding frame, Celluloid focusing screen
  • Focusing: fixed
  • Front shift: No
  • Dimensions: closed 14x6.5x2.5 cm
  • Weight: N/A

Liliput Stereo's relativesEdit


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