The Ernemann Kino I movie camera is worth to be mentioned in this encyclopedia about still cameras since the famous camera maker Ernemann's still cameras are nearly forgotten despite of their proper quality. What people remember is the Ernemann tower in Dresden-Striesen, the first high-riser ever planned in Germany, and the amateur cine cameras and the professional cinematographs made by this company. When it was already merged into Zeiss-Ikon its line of projectors was continued and still named "Ernemann". Ernemann set the standards for cinema movie projection in Germany.

As early as 1903 the company introduced its amateur movie camera for 17.5mm middle-perforated cine film, the Ernemann Kino. Especially this handy movie camera made Ernemann popular in Germany since it was the begin of amateur movie making in that country. The German word Kino for cinema has been derived from that camera type name.

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