Simple box camera for plates and film-packs. Leatherette covered; 9x12 with leather caring strap. Simple shutter and fixed focus lens. The simple design is the reason for the lower price at the time. There is later model named Ernette (c.1926) that was designed only for 4.5x6 film-packs.

Sample PicturesEdit


  • Type: Simple box camera
  • Format: 4.5x6; 6.5x9; 9x12cm for plates or film-packs
  • Manufacturer: Ernemann
  • Years of production: 1924-1926
  • Lenses types: Achromatic lens 1:12.5
  • Shutter: T&I
  • Viewfinder: Folding frame finder
  • Focusing: fixed focus
  • Front shift: No
  • Dimensions:
Plate Format  Dimensions   Weight   
4.5x6 cm 5.5x8.5x7 cm 0.110 kg
6.5x9 cm 8x11x11.5 cm 0.140 kg
9x12 cm 8.5x10.5x15 cm 0.220 kg

Erni's relativesEdit

Erni Stereo

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