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The Box Ensign 2¼B was made by Houghton-Butcher in the UK around 1923[1]. It took 2¼×3¼ (6×9cm) negatives on 120 film (Ensign 2¼B film). It has a simple rotary I/T shutter. There was also a 2¼A model, for 2¼ square images.

There seem to have been at least two models, one with a meniscus lens, another with a Rapid Rectilinear (RR) lens, with a choice of three (unlabelled) apertures selected by a slider above the shutter release. Some versions have a plug-type lens cap, made of leatherette-covered card, attached by a string to the lens surround.

There are two Watson-type finders and a wire frame finder which folds down over the front.

It was available in black, or a leather-grain effect brown.

  1. McKeown, p.394

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