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The Elvo is a brown Bakelite strut folder made by a company called Roto in Turin, Italy c.1938[1], taking 16 4.5×6cm frames on 120 film.[2]

The body has a flip-up frame finder on top, along with the advance knob etched with the camera name. The sprung pop-out front carries the shutter release below the lens and an Instant/Time shutter switch above the lens, marked I & P (probably for Istantaneo and Posa). The back hinges to the left and detaches, and is held shut by a sliding catch on the right-hand end. Lens is an f/11 Elvo-MAF Acromatic, fixed focus and aperture.

  1. McKeown, p.862; the 9th edition (1990-91), p.467 lists the company as "Ro-To".
  2. Format and film size: Malavolti, p.158. The camera is erroneously said to take 3×4cm exposures on 127 film in McKeown, p.892.

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