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The Elliotte[1] (エリオット) are Japanese 6.5×9cm plate folders distributed in the early 1930s by Ōhashi Shashinki-ten. According to Lewis, the camera was made from 1931 by Yamamoto Shashinki Kōsakusho, but this is unconfirmed.[2]

Two models were advertised in the June 1932 issue of Asahi Camera: the Elliotte C with simple extension bellows, and the Elliotte B with true double extension. They have a metal body covered with black leather and both a brilliant finder and a wireframe finder. The pictured camera is an Elliotte B, and has a small focusing wheel on the photographer's right. The lenses are advertised as "Trio Anastigmat" (トリオアナスチグマット), made by Rodenstock, perhaps corresponding to the Trinar. All the models were supplied with three plate holders and a release cable, and the available versions were the following:

Another source says that the Elliotte was also available with Meyer lenses.[3]

No surviving example of the Elliotte has been observed so far.

Notes Edit

  1. The camera is called "Eliott" in Lewis, p.47, but the distributor Ōhashi sold an Elliotte 6×6 TLR after the war, and probably owned the brand "Elliotte" spelled as such.
  2. Lewis, p.47.
  3. Lewis, p.47. It also mentions a "Prontor" shutter option, certainly a confusion for "Pronto".

Bibliography Edit

This camera is not listed in Sugiyama.

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