Elektronika (Электроника - electronics - in Russian) was a long line of electronic flashes made by the Soviet companies NPO Zenit and PO Polyaron from 1970s well into 1990s.
A number of flashes of different construction, size and purpose was marketed. Both mains and battery power was used, later models offered bounce and swivel heads, as well as automatic exposure control.

Elektronika flashes

  • Elektronika FE-14AU
  • Elektronika FE-15U
  • Elektronika FE-16
  • Elektronika FE-16A
  • Elektronika FE-16U
  • Elektronika FE-16AU
  • Elektronika FE-26
  • Elektronika FE-27
  • Elektronika FE-28
  • Elektronika FE-29
  • Elektronika FE-30
  • Elektronika FE-30A
  • Elektronika FE-30A-1
  • Elektronika FE-31
  • Elektronika FE-31A
  • Elektronika FE-35
  • Elektronika L5-01
  • Elektronika V5-04
  • Elektronika V5-08
  • Elektronika V5-11
  • Elektronika V5-21
  • Elektronika V5-22
  • Elektronika V5-24


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