Elcan stands for Ernst Leitz Canada. This company, a dependent of Leitz in Midland (Ontario) founded to serve the North American market, began own lens development under the renowned German expert Dr. Walter Mandler. It made special military lenses with the ELCAN name. See their Leica M lenses and their Leicaflex lenses. The company also manufactured some Leica camera models. It developed the first lens with two aspherical elements, the Noctilux 1:1.2/50mm, and the world's fastest tele lens Elcan 1:1.0/90mm. Nowadays Elcan is independent from the German Leica AG. Now it belongs to the Raytheon group but still makes some the best Leica M-mount lenses like the Noctilux 1:1.0/50 mm.

cameras Edit

lenses Edit

  • Telyt 1:4.8/280 mm
  • Summicron 1:2.0/90 mm
  • Summicron 1:2.0/35 mm
  • Elcan 1:2.0/50 mm (military budget Summicron 1:2.0/50 mm)
  • Summilux 1:1.4/35 mm
  • Telyt 1:4.8/280 mm
  • Elmarit 1:2.8/28 mm for Leica M
  • Noctilux 1:1.0/50 mm
  • Apo-Telyt-R 1:3.4/180 mm
  • Noctilux 1:1.2/50mm
  • Telyt 1:4.0/200 mm
  • Hektor 1:2.5/125 mm
  • Elcan 1:1.0/90 mm
  • Elcan 1:4.0/21 mm
  • Elcan 1:2.8/16 mm.

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