Efte 2.1 01

Efte-2 type 1

Efte (Эфтэ) is a large format folding bed film camera, manufactured by Foto-Trud, (Photo workshop or team) in Moscow and produced between 1929-33.

Efte-1 is the first Soviet serially manufactured folding camera, but the lens and shutter are foreign origin. Efte-2 is the first Soviet camera, that fully made with domestic parts including lens and shutter. After 1933 Efte cameras called Arfo as a successor model.

Efte cameras were manufactured by hand and evidence of this can be seen on the aluminum body. The Efte folders are very rare nowadays.

Efte 1 kenng 03

Efte-1 type 1

Efte modelsEdit

There are 2 models of Efte, as Efte-1 and Efte-2 [1]

Efte 1 kenng 02

Efte-1 type 1

Efte 1.2 01

Efte-1 type 2

Efte 1.3

Efte-1 type 3

Efte 2.1 02

Efte-2 type 1

  • Efte-1 with 3 types (1929-1931)
    • Efte type 1, original type, also known as EFTE-1
    • Efte-1 type 2
    • Efte-1 type 3
  • Efte-2 with 2 types (1931-1933)
    • Efte-2 type 1
    • Efte-2 type 2


  • Format: 9x12cm plate film
  • Lenses:
    • Efte-1 type 1: Kenngott 135 mm f/6.3 or Rodenstock - Munchen Doppel Anastigmat Eurynar 135mm f/4.5
    • Efte-1 type 2: Efte Moskva Peryskop 135mm f/12 also there was f/11 version
    • Efte-1 type 3, Efte-2 type 1, Efte-2 type 2 : Moskva Peryskop 150mm f/12
  • Shutters:
    • Efte-1: Vario, speeds 1/25-1/50-1/100 +B&T or AG - IBSO
    • Efte-2 : GOMZ Efte, speeds 1/25-1/50-1/100 +B&T (since 1932)
  • Focusing: Bellows focusing or ground glass back or by a folding frame finder
  • Viewfinder: folding frame finder and big wire finder
  • Body: aluminium

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Typing is as to Rus Camera and Fotking


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