The Edixa compact 35E is a viewfinder camera with automatic exposure. It was made by a company in Hong Kong which badged it "edixa". Maybe the company or its distributor had got the rights for this brand from the owners of the abandoned Wirgin company. The camera was styled almost alike the 1970s models of the budget viewfinder/rangefinder cameras of the renowned Japanese camera makers. The lens barrel frontside is like that of a Minolta Hi-Matic F, with ASA setting ring around the lens, ASA setting control window below the lens, CdS light sensor window above the lens, and all these elements within the filter thread.

Of course this Hong Kong made variant of such viewfinder cameras was made a bit cheaper than the others. The shutter is like the one of the Konica C35, a cheap two-blade construction that serves as shutter and as diaphragm. The camera seems to be made completely of plastics. Another atribute of cheap simple consumer cameras is the distance control ring with symbols.


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