Edixa CX 5

Edixa CX 5 is a 35mm film SLR camera and introduced in c.1979. It was made by Topcon probably for an UK dealer. [1]

It has manual match-LED exposure control, metal focal plane shutter with speed 1-1/1000, Pentax K bayonet mount, Edixar 55mm f/1.7 lens. It is similar to Topcon RM 300 which wasTopcon's last camera. [2]

See also the article Wirgin Edixa series (SLR models)

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Although it was not made by Wirgin, we put it under the Wirgin Edixa series SLR models chapter, because McKeown's did like this.
  2. McKeown's p.1004


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