Keystone Easy Shot ES17 CC

A simple and very basic 35mm film camera with a very large viewfinder and a built in electronic flash and red-eye reduction LED. Made in China for Keystone.


  • Type: Point and Shoot
  • Film: 35mm
  • Lens: 28mm f/9.5 (built in lens cover also shuts flash off when closed)
  • Shutter Speed: Non-adjustable
  • Focusing: Fixed
  • Flash: Built-in (on off switch on camera front)
  • Battery: single 1.5v AA

Basic Operation:

To the load the film, open the back of the camera by pushing up on the back release button. Extend the rewind lever and pull up until the film canister holder clears the film canister chamber.


Keystone Easy Shot ES17 CC

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