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The Duplex Super 120 was a dual-lens camera for taking stereo pairs on 120 film. It was made by Industria Scientifica Ottica S.R.L. (ISO) in Italy, c.1956[1]. It was fitted with a pair of ISO Iriar 35mm f3.5 lenses in shutters with six speeds from 1/10-1/200s + P. (P is the equivalent of B) It has reverse galilean viewfinder at the top, under which is engraved the name, below which is a lever operating a gear to set the focus on both lenses. Two small knobs below the lenses set the shutter speed and aperture. Later models have a lever on the {users} right side to switch between single and stereo frames. The film runs vertically, from the spool laying horizontally at the bottom to the take up spool at the top.

The Duplex 120 was a similar camera with fixed-focus lenses and a three speed shutter.

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