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dr5 - B&W transparency process

dr5 PROCESSING/Process: The dr5 - B&W process is a custom designed from scratch reversal B&W process for almost all existing B&W films including the remaining SCALA film - to a higher standard. Created for processing B&W positives since 1991 & as a service since 1997. dr5 is more than just a process, it is a 'shooting system', capable of shooter control at most all levels. The process produces image quality 4~5 times its negative counterpart and making B&W as easy to scan as E6. The dr5 process can produce B&W positives from most all B&W film stocks.

WIKI listing is here for the process -

dr5 website: facebook:

It is Hoped soon the process procedure will be published in a book in the coming years by the creator of the process.

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