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Dixons is a British electronics and photographic retail company, which distributed a number of cameras under the brand Prinz. In 2007, the Dixons name was removed from high-street shops and went entirely online; the shops were closed or renamed

Distributed camerasEdit

original camera sold as
Halma Flex I Prinz Flex
Halma Flex IIB Prinz Auto
Halma 44 Prinz 44
Regula Sprinty Prinz Pilot II, Prinz Pilot E
Regula Automatic L Prinz Mastermatic
Halina Paulette Electric Prinz Mastermatic III
Vredeborch Felicette Prinz Pilot
Prinz Pilot III
Chinon 35EE Prinz 35-E (also see GAF Memo EE, Konica C35, Vivitar 35EE)
Halina 35-600 Prinz Saturn 35 Auto (40/2.8, CdS meter, zone focus)
Chinonflex TTL Prinzflex TTL
Chinon CX Prinzflex CX
Chinon M-1 Prinzflex M-1
Zenit B Prinzflex 500
Zenit E Prinzflex 500E

Bibliography Edit

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