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Detrola (International Detrola Corp) was a radio and record-player manufacturer, based at 1501 Beard Street, Detroit, Michigan. In addition to the Detrola brand, they also built large amounts of radios sold under dozens of private brand names for large retailers and small independent stores. They also made a few cameras, over a very short period - 1939-40. Most were cheaply-made from Bakelite mouldings and pressed tinplate, but the Detrola 400 was a complex Leica-style rangefinder affair.

  • Detrola 400
  • Detrola Model A
  • Detrola Model B
  • Detrola Model D
  • Detrola Model E
  • Detrola Model G
  • Detrola Model GW
  • Detrola Model H
  • Detrola Model HW
  • Detrola Model K
  • Detrola Model KW

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