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The Derby-Lux — made by Gallus of Paris, c.1945 — was a continuation of the 1930s German Foth Derby, whose production had been taken over by the Gallus company after Foth moved to France.[1] Gallus changed the name in 1947 to the Derlux.

It is a strut folding camera with body and lens panel made of polished aluminium. Most examples have a Gallix 50mm 1:3.5 three-element focusable lens, made by Gallus itself; some have the well-regarded and faster Berthiot Flor f/2.8, or the Boyer Saphir f/3.5 or f/2.8.[2] There are four windows, two red and two green, on the back for the 127 film, surrounded by a depth-of-field (profondeur de champ) table.

The speed of the focal plane shutter is controlled by the large knob on the top, marked from 1/25–1/500s + B.

Notes Edit

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  2. Flor f/2.8 and Saphir f/2.8: Vial, p.33. Saphir f/3.5: example pictured in this page.

Bibliography Edit

  • Vial, Bernard. Histoire des appareils français. Période 1940–1960. Paris: Maeght Éditeur, 1980, re-impressed in 1991. ISBN 2-86941-156-1.

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