The Dallmeyer Dual is a 4.5×6 folding camera, sold in 1931. It has an unusual aspect, with vertically oriented barn doors and a lens plate mounted on scissor struts. The lens and shutter unit is mounted on a focusing helical. The lens is a Dallmeyer Dalmac Anastigmat 3" f/3.5, and the shutter is a rimset Compur (T, B, 1–250, self-timer). The duralumin body is leather covered, there is a folding frame finder and a folding leg with a curved shape.[1]

Serial numbers:

  • s/n D109, lens no.143137[2]
  • s/n D125, lens no.143365[3]
  • s/n D154, lens no.143852[4]
  • s/n D210, lens no.145891[5]

Notes Edit

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  5. Observed in an online auction.

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