Ins E ver 2a

Instacora-E version 2

56003d 1

Instacora-E is a 126 film instamatic viewfinder camera made by Dacora and introduced in 1966.

It takes 28x28mm frames on 126 film. It has built-in hinged AG-1 flash reflector or flashcube socket. The lenses are zone focusing Dacora Color-Dignar 40mm f/3.9 or 45mm f/3.5 in 1/100 shutter with automatic aperture control and 1/40 for flash. [1]

There are four version of the camera:

  • Version 1 early type for AG-1 "peanut" bulbs
  • Version 2 for flashcubes
  • Version 3 with flashcube and smooth metal finish
  • Version 4 with flashcube and waffle finish
Ins E ver 3

Instacora-E version 3

Ins E ver 4

Instacora-E version 4

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Models and info are as to McKeown's p.236


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