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Dacora Dignette 300 1967 gross

Dignette 300 (1967) image by Dirk Böhling

Dignette 300 is a 35mm film viewfinder camera made by Dacora and introduced in c.1967. It belongs to the long lasting Dacora Dignette series.

Dignette 300 is a series of cameras based on the body of the Dacora Dignette I, but no chrome front plate and new vertical plastic shutter release on front. The lens is Isco Color-Isconar 45mm f/2.8 in Prontor 300 shutter.

Dignette 300 (1967) is also sold as Ilford Sportsman 300

In c.1970, a similar model with the same name introduced again. But, it is with X 300 shutter.[1]

Dignette 300

Dignette 300 (1970)

Notes and referencesEdit

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