Dacora Daco II gross

Dacora Daco II image by Dirk Böhling

The Daco II is a medium format box camera made by Dacora and introduced in 1950. [1].

It is not marked as Daco II and it is an uncommon camera. It is similar to Dacora Daco but with f/8 lens.

The body is made by bakelite with slightly curved sides and rounded corners. It is similar in style to the common metal Dacora Daci.

The controls on the front gives a choice of apertures f/8, f/11 on an achromat f/8 lens, and focus ranges of 1.5-4m +inf. The shutter is a two speed rotary shutter, instant and time. The camera uses 120 film taking twelve 6x6cm images per roll.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Model and info are as to McKeown's p.232

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