DUFLEX (DUlovits reFLEX) is the revolutionary world sensation camera made in HungaryEdit

Single lens reflex camera designed by Jenő Dulovits (1903-1972)Edit

DUFLEX is the first of the world single lens reflex 35 mm camera in series production with eye level horizontal view finder giving unreversed upright picture, automatic diaphragm and instant return mirror. Edit


- 35 mm single lens reflex camera with pentamirror (pentaprism only on the prototype)

- 24x32mm picture format

- eye level horizontal view finder giving unreversed upright picture

- additional viewfinder with true projected frames (35mm; 50mm; 90mm)

- automatic diaphragm and instant return mirror

- bayonet

- removable camera back (and retractable film pressure plate only on prototype preventing film scratch)

- Artar 3,5/50 or Gammar 3,5/50 lens

- shutters from 1/1000 till 1 sec + B

//the famous DUTO soft filter name is an abbreviations of DUlovits and TOth Hungarian inventors//


0. As a famous Hungarian photographer Dulovits has experienced the disadvantages of the cameras were available on the market. He wanted to have a more professional one and thanks to that he considered developing a perfect camera by himself. He had many brilliant ideas and in 1939 he made already his first dummies from cardboard. This was the very beginning of the Duflex story.

1. "Based on my best knowledge I was the first one using pentaprism in photo camera in 1943 in Hungary." (Dulovits Jenő: Így fényképezek/Meine technik-Meine bilder 1957.)

2. Three patents from Dulovits in 1943 (eye level horizontal view finder giving unreversed upright picture; retractable instant return mirror; metallic focal plane shutter)

3. Working prototypes were built in GAMMA WORKS (Budapest) in 1944.

4. GAMMA WORKS decision to put Duflex into series production and the contract with Dulovits has been renewed in 1946.

5. Market study for Gamma Duflex abroad in 1947. (Duflex was already on sale.)

Duflex Artar2
The Gamma Works decided starting the series production in 1948 but the first cameras became ready and were put on the market in early 1949 (definitely earlier than Contax S).

7. Less than 600 units have been produced till the end of the production 1950.


- Dulovits Jenő: Így fényképezek/Meine technik-Meine bilder (1957)

- Zoltán Fejér: Hungarian cameras (2001)

by István Szalatnyai alias PistiK100D

link: pages 10-12 in PDF

pages 10-12 about Duflex

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