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The Cyclone No. 1 to No. 5 cameras were a series of box-style magazine cameras, made by the Western Camera Manufacturing Co. of Chicago. Around 1900 such wooden leatherette-coated falling-plate magazine cameras for twelve plate holders were a common camera type. The Cyclone was available as cheap small variant and as well as 10-Dollar model for 4x5" plates. It had a plate change button, making its operation as easy as possible. It had the two reflecting type viewfinders which were box camera standard, and an "automatic" shutter (meaning a shutter with instant mode).


Cyclone No. 1: 2½×2½"
Cyclone No. 2: 3¼×4¼"
Cyclone No. 3: 4×5"
Cyclone No. 4: 3¼×4¼"
Cyclone No. 5: 4×5"


Cyclone No. 5 at a camera museum site

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