Cosmo Camera Seisakusho (コスモカメラ製作所, Kosumo Kamera Seisakusho) was a Japanese company. It made the Cosmo 35 camera in 1955 and its name variants the Micronta 35 and Rolex 35, as well as the Elbowflex TLR and Elbow Six folder, as indicated by an advertisement dated September 1955.[1] An earlier advertisement (April 1955) for these two cameras mentions Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku as the maker.[2] It thus seems that Cosmo Camera Seisakusho was the successor of Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku, and it probably took over the production of the Prince Junior TLR as well, offered until Spring 1956.

The name Cosmo was used in 1953 and 1954 by Alfa Camera Seisakusho, maker of the Alfaflex and Cosmoflex, and Cosmo Camera Seisakusho was perhaps the result of a merge between Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku and Alfa Camera Seisakusho.

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  2. Advertisement reproduced in Kokusan kamera no rekishi, p.121.

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