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Coronet Midget is a subminiature 16mm film camera made by Coronet in England, and produced between 1934-43.

The camera was very cheap that used as a gift in cereal packets. But they say that "In every way a real camera and not just a novelty or toy". Midget was very small as a match box.

16mm film was used in Kodak 110 film cartridges for later subminiature cameras.

Some features of MidgetEdit

  • Film: 16mm roll, 6 exposures, picture size 13x18mm
  • Lens: Taylor Hobson meniscus type, f/10
  • Focusing: 5 feet to inf.
  • Shutter: simple spring rotary shutter, one speed 1/30
  • Film winder: in two variations, a folding D shape lever or a knob
  • With or without the film pressure plate
  • Body: bakelite, with seven different colour variants,
  • Front plate: brass or nickel coloured; The stampings on the name plate also varies
  • Weight: 71g

Coronet CameoEdit



Cameo smaller font

Cameo film and box

The Coronet Cameo was a post-war attempt to recreate the success of the Midget. It was very cheap and very small as half finger.

  • Produced between 1948-52
  • Film 16mm roll and picture size 13x18mm
  • Fixed focus f/11 lens
  • One speed rotary shutter, 1/25

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