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The Coronet Cub is a fairly simple viewfinder camera made by Coronet in Birmingham, England, in several versions, starting c.1939. Each has a plastic body with a sprung telescoping front. The Cub models have a folding frame viewfinder, replaced by a fixed tubular finder in 1948 on the Anastigmat and Flash models, and later a finder built-in to the top plate.

Coronet Cubs use 828 film, taking 28x40mm images.

The Coronet Viscount is a broadly similar but later camera.

The Cub name was also used for a small plastic advertising camera.


  • Cub - 1939 - all plastic, single-speed shutter, fixed-focus lens
  • Cub - 1946 - metal top and bottom plates, f10 lens
  • Cub Flash - 1948 - flash sync, f11 lens with two apertures, I/T shutter
  • Cub Anastigmat - 1948 - flash sync, focusing f6.3 lens, 3-speed shutter
  1. Models and dates from McKeown

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