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Coronet is a folding bed or self-erecting 120 film camera series, manufactured by Coronet Camera Co., Birmingham, UK and introduced c.1926.

Coronet folding 120 film cameras have several variations in body style and lens equipment were sold under this general name in Coronet's catalogs. Normally they have no model identification on the camera itself. Meniscus models are typically not self-erecting. Self-erecting style available with Achromatic f/7.7 or f/6.3 lens. The coloured models are more expensive in the collectors world nowadays. [1]

Specifications of the Coronet basic early modelEdit

  • Folding bed camera
  • Film: 120 roll, picture size: 6x9cm
  • Stampings on the lens-sutter plate: Coronet, Made in England, Patented, Use 21/4x31/4 inch - 6x9cm Films
  • Plate on lower of the lens standard: Manufactured by Coronet Camera Co. Bham
  • Lens: simple meniscus type 105mm f/11, behind the shutter
  • Focusing: bellows focusing
  • Focus range: two steps, 9 feet and inf., notched scale on the left of the bad
  • Shutter: spring rotary, speeds: Instant (about 1/50) and Time
  • Cocking lever and Shutter release: by the same lever on the lens-shutter barrel, press down for instant shots, (move up for the next frame)
  • Viewfinder: brilliant waist level, turnable to left on its own axis for landscape frame
  • Winding knob: on the right side of the camera
  • Front cover and bellows opening: the table stand doubles as a front cover latch, then pull-up its leg on front of the camera, then cover opens by pulling-out it. Then pull-out the bellows by a handle below it, until clicks on the bed. For closing press the distant scale.
  • Back cover: removable by a latch on top of the camera, w/ red window
  • Body: metal, painted, leather effect finish; Weight: 418g

Some other Coronet folding 120 modelsEdit

Coronet an early modelEdit

  • An early pre-WW2 model (before 1934) very close to the simple basic model
  • The Stampings on the lens-sutter plate are in different design
    Coronet MM02

    by Ryszard Kobus

Coronet De LuxeEdit

  • Painted folding 120 model
  • Self-erecting bellows
  • Lens Anastigmat aperture f7.7-f/32
  • Focus range: 6-20 feet +Inf
  • Shutter speeds 1/25-1/50-1/100 +B
  • Made in England
  • This version has no particular name on the camera but in the Tiranty catalog in 1933 [2]
  • There is a f/6.3 version De luxe name on the camera in 1937


Coronet an old add

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. McKeown, James M. and Joan C. McKeown's Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras, 12th Edition, 2005-2006. USA, Centennial Photo Service, 2004. ISBN 0-931838-40-1 (hardcover). ISBN 0-931838-41-X (softcover). p.223
  2. the data is from the Sylvain Halgand Collection


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