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The Copal-MX is a leaf shutter made by Copal. It was introduced in 1955, with M/X dual synchronization and a B, 1–300 speed range. A new version appeared in 1956 with 1/500 top speed, and the Copal-MXL and Copal-MXV are later variants.[1]

Variants and cameras equipped (incomplete list, and not all variants are concerned):

Notes Edit

  1. Shunkan o torae-tsuzukeru shattā-ten, p. 13–4.

Bibliography Edit

  • Kamera no mekanizumu sono I: "Hai! Chīzu" Shunkan o torae-tsuzukeru shattā-ten (カメラのメカニズム・そのⅠ・「ハイ!チーズ」瞬間をとらえ続けるシャッター展, Camera mechanism, part 1 "Cheese!" Exhibition of instant taking shutters). Tokyo: JCII Camera Museum, 2002. (Exhibition catalogue, no ISBN number)

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