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The Contessa-Nettel Nettix is a strut folding plate camera in a leather coated metal body. Its size is almost comparable to that of a modern cigarette packet. Of course it is a little bigger when it's unfolded. It's a better version of Contessa-Nettel's Recto. Astounding: Hidden under its front panel are both, a big sports finder AND an additional reflecting type finder. It has even a focusing facility.


  • Type: strut folding plate camera
  • Manufacturer: Contessa-Nettel
  • Year of launch: 1923
  • Film: 4.5×6cm film plates or film packs
  • Lens: Citonar 1:6.3/75mm oder Piccar Achromat 1:11/75mm
  • Shutter: Derval or Pronto with speeds 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100 sec. plus T and B mode
  • Aperture: up to 1:25
  • Viewfinder: Sports finder plus reflecting type finder


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