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Contax G1's Contax TLA140 02
Contax G1's Contax TLA140 05

images by Süleyman Demir

Contax TLA140

  • La Velocidad de obturación Máxima Para La Contax G1 es 1/100 seg.
  • Control method: Thyristorized type automatic exposure control
  • Guide number for main flash (ISO 100), covering the field of view of a 35mm lens:
  • Auto mode 14 ~ 4, Manual mode 25 (Full); 6 (1/16); 12.5 (1/4)
  • Max. guide number for main flash, by focal lengths (Full setting, ISO 100) : 85mm - 30 (32); 35mm - 25 (28); 50mm - 27 (30); 28mm - 21 (24) (Main + Aux)
  • Flash Modes : TTL auto and Manual
  • Bounce Angles: Upward: 0 - 90°
  • Film Speed Coupling range: TTL mode ISO 25 - 400
  • Display Panel: on/off button w/ M and TTL modes, Guide Panel
  • Flash test: Flash ready lamp as test button
  • Connection to camera: Connection by direct X contact and by TLA extension cord
  • Extension Cord socket
  • Battery: One 3V Lithium battery CR123A/DL123A, (Ni-Cd batteries not acceptable),
  • Battery chamber lid on the bottom fo the flash
  • Interval/Frequency of Flash (at full output, based on testing standards): CR123A: approx. 4.8 sec./ approx. 200 times
  • Dimension: 57(W)mm x 74 (H)mm x 20.5(D)mm (2-1/4" x 15/16 x 13/16")
  • Weight w/ battery: 99g


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