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Compur shutter

The Compur is a long-lived series of leaf shutters that were made by the German company F. Deckel, based in München. The Compur appeared in 1912[1] and was based on the Compound, but was equipped with a geared slow speed governor instead of a piston and cylinder device.

The first Compur shutters were dial set. This means that the speed setting is by way a rotating dial at the top of the shutter plate. The later models were rim set, with a speed setting rim around the shutter housing. The Compur shutters are equipped with a self-timer from 1928.[2]

The Compur-Rapid is a model released in 1935[3], attaining 1/500 in #00 size and 1/400 in #0 size.

After the war, the Synchro-Compur added an MXV synch selector.

Notes Edit

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Bibliography Edit

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