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The Chinon 35 EE is a 35mm compact rangefinder camera made in Japan. It was introduced by Chinon in 1976. It has programmed auto-exposure using a CdS meter with a needle display of the shutter speed & aperture in the viewfinder, powered by a PX-675 mercury battery in the base.

The lens is a fixed Chinonex 38mm f2.7. There is a mechanical self-timer, operated by a lever very close to the lens barrel. Flash synchronization is provided through both a hot shoe on the top plate and a PC socket on the user's left end.

There were several minor variations in top-plate, lettering and lens-barrel design.

There are a number of "clones" of this camera (some with minor differences). See the Vivitar 35EE, GAF Memo 35ET and Prinz 35E, for example. The Cosina 35 Compact E has the same basic body, but a rectangular shutter release button.


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