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The Casca is a German 35mm camera with interchangeable lenses, introduced in 1948 by Munich lens-maker Steinheil. The name came from the company initials, C.A. Steinhel Camera. There were two models, the Casca I was a viewfinder camera, and the 1949 Casca II had a rangefinder.

The Casca had very advanced feature for its time, such as a sophisticated bayonet lens mount (different and incompatible on the two models), a very large finder with bright-lines for different focal lengths, and a flip-up back giving easy access for loading. It had a focal plane shutter, with speeds from 1/25-1000 + B (I) and 1/2-1/1000s + B (II), set by a slider on the back, operated by the right thumb.


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