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Canon Prima BF8 (Date) is a 35mm compact, fully automatic, viewfinder film camera manufactured by Canon Camera Co., Inc, Tokyo, Japan and marketed in 1998.

Prima BF8 (Date) is known Canon Snappy LXII/Date in America and BF35D in Japan.

This camera is characterized by a extra-large viewfinder, three times larger than the usual finders, BF means Big Finder. It was the final camera in the Canon Snappy series.


  • Lens: Canon 35mm f/4.5, three element in 3 groups, when the camera in OFF position the lens cap closes automatically
  • Focusing: fixed-focus, range 1m to inf.
  • Shutter: Auto, Program-type electromagnetic shutter with aperture control, Speeds: 1/45, 1/100, 1/125 and 1/180
  • Winding cocking and rewinding: Auto, with built-in motor; Mid-roll rewind possible
  • Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean type, w/ bright lines, w/ OK-to-shoot green LED indicator
  • Exposure meter: CdS cell, Program AE , Metering range: EV10-16 with ISO 100, Film Speed Range: ISO 100, 200, 400, sets automatically with DX-Decoding
  • Mode Dial: Automatic mode with Red-Eye Reduction, Flash ON mode, Flash OFF mode, and Self-Timer mode
  • Autodate feature: with various date imprint selections, separate power source 3V Lithium CR2025 battery, time display on the back cover
  • Film loading: Auto, film is advanced to frame 1 automatically after being loaded and the back is closed
  • Built-in flash unit: range: ISO 100/200 1.5-3.5m, ISO 400 1.5-6.8m; Red-Eye Reduction feature; Fires automatically in low-light conditions
  • Other: self-timer, film reminder window
  • Battery: 2x AA Alkaline batteries, not compatible with Ni-Cd or Lithium batteries
  • Weight: 230g wo / batteries


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