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The Canon IXUS Z90 is a compact APS camera, introduced by Canon in July 1996. Compared to the other IXUS cameras, it is large and heavy. It has a circular lens cover, which hinges up to open, and houses the main flashgun and a smaller flashgun for red eye reduction. The back has an LCD panel for settings display, a covered section for the date and title setting buttons, a "best shot selector" dial, along with the zoom control, viewfinder and mid-roll film rewind button.

The lens has 4x zoom, from 22.5-90mm with a maximum aperture of f5.6-8.9. The viewfinder has automatic parallax correction and dioptric correction.

The IXUS name was used in Europe; in America, it was called the ELPH 490Z, and in Japan, IXY G.

Power comes from two CR2 3v batteries.

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